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Experience the city in a playful way, solve a mystery or immerse yourself in an exciting fantasy story. Play against colleagues in other cities or get support from teams in the home office.

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Our Outdoor Games

All games are designed for groups of 10 to 2500 people. Some games are location-based, while others can be played at any desired location. If you can't find the game or city you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We will surely find a solution.

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Book one of our games and receive the access data for all end devices as well as the game instructions by e-mail 24 hours before the game.

If there are any questions on your part, we will gladly take time for you.



Rest assured, the onboarding process is very simple. Each team or participant receives a QR code that they only need to scan. The game will be loaded automatically and is ready to go.


Live operator

Once participants have activated the game, they are greeted by one of our live operators. He is live the entire time, monitors the game and can also intervene in the game remotely if desired.

Communication is done via chat. However, a phone number is also provided for emergencies.



After the game there will be the evaluation. You can see live in the highscore how you did against the other teams. The photos and videos from the game will be sent to you by e-mail afterwards.

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Why Exitmania?

- We are the first provider of Corporate Escape Games in Germany.
- We have developed several dozen scenarios for small and large groups.
- Over the years, we have constantly improved our offer.

What are Remote Games?

- Our games do not require a game leader to be present on site.
- They can be played on a computer or outdoors.
- We can remotely manage events for up to 10,000 participants.

Why should I choose remote games over live games with on-site game masters?

- Remote games offer cost and flexibility advantages.
- Our remote setup allows us to offer games at a lower cost.
- It also allows for scenarios that would not be possible with live events.

How does the booking and event process work?

- Our process is simple and allows for quick setup and flexibility in changing games.
- Clients can select a game on the website, specify event requirements, and receive important documents and a briefing via video telephony.
- The event is monitored live via chat by a game director who can intervene and assist as needed.
After the event, clients receive photos, videos, and certificates for the winning teams.

How does the payment of the event work?

- An invoice with all tax information will be sent after the event.
- Payment can be made online by bank transfer or credit card.