Experience exciting missions against the clock directly on the PC or laptop together with friends, colleagues or family. Up to 100 people at the same time!

Escape the Adventure

Experience the thrill of Escape Games directly on your PC or laptop. Choose when, how many teams and how long you want to play. Live chat support available. Play against each other with up to 33 teams of 1-8 players. Compare your high score and emerge victorious.

Legend of the Key - Online Game

In a mythical realm, an evil dragon has stolen the key of peace, which is important for maintaining harmony between different peoples such as elves, dwarves and humans. The dragon is believed to be hiding the key in one of the ten magical lands. Each land is inhabited by a different race, all of which have different characteristics. You'll have to use the clues to find out in which land the dragon has hidden the Key of Peace.

Ideal for:

This game is ideal for fans of fantasy stories and escape games, friends, families and remote teams who want to experience an exciting adventure together on the PC or laptop.

First Profiler - Online Game

The ultimate detective challenge awaits you! Your mission: Identify a serial killer in custody whose first murder took place 25 years ago. Using a time machine, you'll travel back to when all five suspects were alive to find crucial clues. Time is precious, and the clock is ticking to solve the case. If you fail, all the suspects will be released - including the serial killer! Test your detective skills, change the fate of the victims and protect the public. Time is running out - book your First Profiler adventure and start your mission!

Ideal for:

This game is ideal for puzzle and detective story fans, friends, families and remote teams who want to experience an exciting adventure together on the PC or laptop.
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Ideal for

Remote teams

Online escape games are ideal for remote teams because they foster collaboration and communication while employees are physically separated. The games strengthen team dynamics and productivity through collaborative puzzle solving and creative problem solving.

Hybrid teams

Online escape games are great for hybrid teams by engaging all team members in collaborative activities. The games foster collaboration and communication across distances, creating an inclusive team experience that strengthens employee loyalty.


Online escape games offer families a great opportunity to spend time together on the PC or laptop. They encourage cooperation between family members and offer an exciting challenge that demands creative skills, while providing an adventure from home.


For friends, online escape games on the PC or laptop are a way to have fun together and share experiences. They encourage teamwork and provide a platform for creative problem solving. They are perfect for virtual meetings and strengthen friendship regardless of distance.


Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a Live Escape Game?

A Live Escape Game is a group experience where participants are immersed in a compelling story and work together to solve complex puzzles, pick digital locks and complete a mission before time runs out. It delights Exit Room fans and groups who enjoy shared challenges. In short, it combines interactive city tour, digital scavenger hunt and Escape Room Challenge. The puzzles are designed so that several people can play together in a team.

What is the difference between online and outdoor Escape Games?

In Online Escape Games, the participants sit at a PC, laptop or tablet. For a better game experience, we recommend that you connect via Zoom, Teams, etc. to be able to exchange information during the game. Regardless of this, the task will update for everyone at the same time and each person will always know who in the team has solved the task. This way you can have an exciting team experience even without video conferencing.

In the Outdoor Escape Game you are connected via your smartphones. You have to move from waypoint to waypoint to solve the tasks. To make the game exciting, we recommend you to start a battle directly. This is already possible with a minimum of 6 people.

Regardless of the team experience, our games are of course also playable alone; it's just challenging :)

What is the optimal team size

The games are designed for 1 to 100 people. We recommend at least 2 people, so that you can solve the tasks together. For an optimal experience we recommend you to divide into several groups and play against each other. You can determine the number of teams when booking. The teams can play together or in a staggered manner.

How demanding are the tasks?

The difficulty of the tasks depends on the participants and their experience with Escape Games. If you are attentive, communicate with each other and think, you should be able to master the mission within the given time.

Do we have to choose a fixed time for the game?

No, that is not necessary with us. After you buy your tickets, you can decide when to redeem them. You can always ask questions and get live help via the chat.

How long are the tickets valid?

The codes on the tickets are valid for up to 6 months after purchase. Once you activate a game, you can pause it, but you must finish the game in 48 hours at the latest.

How does it work with multiple groups?

You choose the number of groups directly on the website. After booking, you will receive the team links by email. You then only need to send a link to each team leader you designate. He or she will then invite the other people from the team via the game. Each team can start the game when they want.

Any questions?

Contact us via chat - we will answer as soon as possible.