First Profiler - Online Game

from 9.90 € / person

This is the ultimate challenge for detectives!

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! Your mission: identify a serial killer who is currently in custody and whose first murder took place 25 years ago. We believe that the investigation was not thorough enough and that the serial killer could have been caught earlier.

To fix the mistakes of the past, you'll be sent back in time with a time machine, in which all five suspects are still alive. Use this opportunity to find important clues that the investigators of that time missed.

Remember that time is of the essence here, as time travel comes at an enormous cost. The clock is ticking, and you have limited time to solve the case. If you fail, all five suspects will be released - including the serial killer!

Put your detective skills to the test and identify the killer to change the fate of the victims and ensure the safety of the public. Time is running out, so book your First Profiler adventure now and get started!

Start and end point

Playing surface

Sights & interesting places on the game route

Historically and culturally relevant

Good to know

  • Each person needs a PC / laptop and access to the Internet
  • The team leader creates the team and sends the team link to all players.
  • Once all players are ready, the game can be started by the Team Leader.
  • If you ever get stuck, you can unlock in-game hints to help you advance.
  • Live support is available around the clock for questions and assistance.
  • Tip: For a better team experience, we recommend the use of Zoom, Teams, etc.

Good to know

Not barrier free
Suitable for children
Start & end point not identical
Suitable for couples

Ideal for

This game is ideal for puzzle and detective story fans, friends, families and remote teams who want to experience an exciting adventure together on the PC or laptop.
To make this component work you must follow these steps:
  1. Add a page trigger and select Mouse move in viewport
  2. Select the CTA 38 Image Movement animation
  3. Adjust smoothing to achieve desired affect (recommend 80-90%)
If you rename this component, remember to update the classes in the HTML embed named cta38_hover-css found inside the cta38_component div.