Exciting and entertaining Escape Games, Team Rallys and Interactive City Tours for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Already popular with +500 companies

Ready To Play!

Our first Outdoor Escape Game for selected cities, which you can book and play directly!

Your advantages:
- Get started right away without extensive planning
- Already possible from 2 people
- Up to 100 people in the Live Challenge

Plays together online

Plays outdoor together

Platform #1

Online Escape Game Platform

We develop exciting online escape games with our own platform. Up to 1000 people can compete simultaneously in small teams.

Platform #2

Multiplayer Game
in the 2D Metaverse

Meet your colleagues online at the next After Work or play an entertaining Quiz Battle together. We develop entertaining solutions from team events to afterwork parties and onboarding sessions.

Platform #3

Dives directly into the 3D metaverse

Ever dived into the Metaverse together with your colleagues? We develop Spaces for your use case and combine them with games and interesting impressions for socializing.

Platform #4

Plays directly in the fresh air!

We have developed apps that are perfect for the next city tour or outdoor escape game. Perfectly suited for groups of all sizes.


Unique Game Ideas

Fair pricing

Ultra simple planning

Briefing and invitation

Remote Live Hosts

Flexible event design

What our customers say...

"I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but by the end we were really having a lot of fun. Happy to do it again!"

Silke Hochstädter


"From planning to completion, it was a very valuable team building experience for us. Highly recommended."

Luke Andreadis


"Getting so many interesting ideas about the future in a fun way was really rewarding."

Léonie Augsburger

KPMG AG, Düsseldorf

Gamify your Remote Work

Development of exclusive games and digital spaces for your remote teams

Our team specializes in creating exclusive and engaging games and digital spaces designed specifically for remote teams. These interactive experiences aim to build connections, foster collaboration, and strengthen team cohesion among your employees. We help you create memorable and immersive virtual team building experiences.

From strategy to execution

We use our own platforms and apps for development and combine them with state-of-the-art technologies for an effective remote event experience.

Development of Escape Games, Quiz Battles, Team Rallys

Development of 2D & 3D game surfaces in the Metaverse

Development and support of online & hybrid events

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